Just as visual consistency is critical to our brand, so is a consistent writing style.


Our tone is confident, professional and sophisticated. We want to be seen as a helpful, respectful partner and come across as friendly, accessible and generous while sharing our expertise and insight.


Verisign copy should convey a confident, optimistic persona. One that is trustworthy and a leader in the industry. Our writing should be conversational and intelligent, with a little wit thrown in from time to time.


General Guidelines

Verisign goes to great lengths to ensure that its brand and marketing efforts are effective, yet fair and accurate. When drafting copy, keep in mind the following guidelines that all Verisign communications should follow:

  • Use the AP Stylebook for all written communications. If you need access to the AP Stylebook, please contact the Global Brand Management team at
  • When implementing the Verisign URL in any design or copy document—whether on business cards, collateral or even legal disclaimers—always present it as In written copy, the Verisign URL should be a hyperlink.
  • Do not use other companies’ or individuals’ trademarks, copyrights, domain names, pictures, text or logos without prior approval from those parties and/or Legal approval. If any of the above are used, be sure to include proper attributions in the footnote.
  • If we distribute a product or service for another company, do not attribute that product or service to Verisign (e.g., “Microsoft Office by Verisign”).
  • Use Verisign trademarks properly. Follow the guidelines set forth in the Trademarks section. Primary rules include:
    • Use the proper trademark notice symbol (i.e., ™, SM or ®) always in the headline and in the first reference in the body copy.
    • When referring to the company trade name, do not use the trademark notice symbol (e.g., “Verisign is a fast-growing company,” not “Verisign® is a fast-growing company”).
    • Use the Verisign copyright and trademark boilerplate on all packaging, advertisements and collateral material.

Advertising Related to Domain Names

Please keep in mind the following guidelines when drafting copy related to domain names:

  • Registrants do not “own” domain names
    • Use "registrant" instead of "owner".
    • Use "register" instead of "own" or "get" a domain name.
  • Registrants do not buy or sell domain names. Avoid use of such terms; if you must include them, use quotes.
  • Do not use a sample domain name unless Verisign is the registrant or you have prior written permission from the current registrant.
  • Do not say that registering a domain name the “secures” or “protects” a consumer's online identity.




Verisign, a global provider of domain name registry services and internet infrastructure, enables internet navigation for many of the world’s most recognized domain names. Verisign enables the security, stability, and resiliency of key internet infrastructure and services, including providing root zone maintainer services, operating two of the 13 global internet root servers, and providing registration services and authoritative resolution for the .com and .net top-level domains, which support the majority of global e-commerce. To learn more about what it means to be Powered by Verisign, please visit

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The Verisign marketing materials, including websites, logos, images, marketing copy and more, are protected under trademark and copyright laws. Only individuals and entities with a fully executed license agreement may use Verisign's intellectual property. This requirement applies to all third parties, whether affiliates, business partners, customers or others.

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If you want to use a Verisign logo or trademarked image, please fill out the following request form.

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If you want to use a copyrighted collateral item, please fill out the following request form.

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All materials must be approved by the Verisign Brand Management team and Legal prior to release.

Please contact the Verisign Brand Management team at with any questions or to begin the approval process.